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Home safety for Fall Prevention

By: Melanie Massare, DC

As the month of October is spinal health care month, I have been thinking about what overlooked aspects we all may have not even considered in the goal of protecting our spinal and other joints on a daily basis. One key topic that easily gets overlooked is fall prevention safety in our homes. While fall prevention may not seem like a lively topic, it's important. Patients are so cognizant about safety-proofing their homes with infants and young children, but we never think to focus on safety for our own selves. In 2010, the overall rate of nonfatal fall injury episodes for which a health-care professional was contacted was 43 per 1,000 population, of which persons aged ≥75 years had the highest rate. Studies also have demonstrated that serious falls in which we fracture the hip may also lower our life expectancy rate. While the topic of fall prevention is broad and covers more than we can discuss today, if we would just take several minutes to perform the check-sheet below to evaluate our home, we have made tremendous quick strides in lowering our risk already. While some home problems with light switches may require the help of an electrician, most you will see are easily remedied and the price of a new light switch is by far cheaper than an emergency trip to the ER. Under the personal action section, talk with your doctor if you are wishing to undergo some exercise programs to also work on balance for fall prevention. Two major studies have demonstrated ti chi and yoga have been beneficial in fall reduction and improvements in overall activities of daily living following a 6 month program. Did you know that HealthMatters is now offering a yoga class once a week? This may be a wonderful means of working on balance with instructors who are in communication with your doctor. Also, discuss with your doctor what you are doing both dietary and supplement-wise for your overall bone health. I hope this helps on your path for spinal health and look for an upcoming class in the next few months through HealthMatters for more detailed information about fall prevention.

Fall Prevention Worksheet

Developing Strong and Healthy Children with Chiropractic Care

By: Lauren E Mandel DC

Did you know that chiropractic care is not just for adults with back pain?  Children’s spines are vulnerable to trauma from birth and every day there after.  Chiropractors with training in pediatrics have the knowledge to gently and effectively detect subluxations which could be responsible for a plethora of child hood ailments.  Pediatric chiropractic can assist the young body in healing from issues such as torticollis, colic, reflux, bed wetting, abnormal sleeping patterns, ADD, autism, allergies, ear infections and more!  Instead of prescribing medications to treat the symptoms of these diseases, your Doctor of Chiropractic is focused on restoring the proper function of your child’s body, aiding in their ability to heal and fight off disease. 

Your spinal column houses your nervous system which is the power source to your entire body.  Subluxations in a child’s spine can not only cause pain but they also interfere with the flow of information from the brain to the body through nerves.   Detecting and removing these subluxations allows proper function of the nervous and immune system so the child has the ability to function at their full potential!  Chiropractic care for children begins before they are even born when their mother receives pre-natal chiropractic care.  A baby’s brain and nervous system are among the first to form while in their mother’s womb.  This is why it is so important for pregnant mother’s to receive chiropractic care. 

How does my child’s spine become misaligned?

  • Labor and Delivery process
  • Falls
  • Sports Injuries
  • Poor Posture
  • Growth
  • Emotional Stress
  • Chemical Stress

It is critical to have your children checked by your Doctor of Chiropractic to aid in their ability to develop to their fullest potential.  Pediatric adjustments are extremely gentle and safe and are typically much different from the adjustments that adults receive.  A study was conducted in 1989 which compared 200 children under chiropractic care and 200 children under traditional medical care.  The results indicated that the children receiving chiropractic care had superior health to those children only receiving medicinal treatment.  They had less chronic ear infections, allergies, fewer cases of tonsillitis and a decreased need for antibiotics.  Another study indicated that out of 316 babies treated with chiropractic care, 90% of them improved in their symptoms of asthma.  Recent studies also prove that children receiving regular chiropractic care have less learning disabilities, fewer neurological problems, get sick less often and miss less days of school.  For more information on pediatric chiropractic visit


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